Kayak Fishing Accessories – Everything You Need to Know

With Kayak Fishing becoming increasingly popular amongst the people, everyone is becoming very interested in how this works and what it requires.

It is important to know that a Kayak alone is not going to get you started on your kayak fishing. There are some things that are very essential while kayak fishing, and can help in making fishing much more interesting, easy and comfortable for you.

These kayak fishing accessories are not expensive at all, but these little things should not be ignored before you go out with your kayak for fishing.

So right here, I will let you know about the most basic as well as advanced accessories you would need in order to take your kayak fishing experience to another level.

Why do We Need Kayak Fishing Accessories?

Kayak Fishing Accessories

Basically, whenever you go out into the waters for fishing, there is always some equipment that you need with it.

It doesn’t matter if the fishing is being done on a kayak, it will still need basic accessories. Following are some of the general reasons why you really need kayak fishing accessories.

To Make Fishing Comfortable

Some accessories help us manage fishing easily, making it convenient for us to catch the fish. Some of these can also add on to the level of comfort we have while sitting on the boat, so you won’t get tired really quickly and can carry on with the fishing.

To Add on To The Safety

You know that a trip into the waters cannot always entirely be safe. Some safety measures need to be taken in case your kayak goes traitor on you, or if something else happens.

Many things can happen over there, to prevent which, you might need some measures. These measures will protect you and keep the fishing experience as safe for you as possible.

To Store and Preserve Your catch.

Some specialized kayaks do have built-in storage areas already, but if yours doesn’t have one, it’s obvious that you’d need one in order to be able to store the fish you catch.

Not just a box, but having a small refrigerator and other accessories to work with that will help you preserve your fish and keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Basic Kayak Fishing Accessories

Now there, basically, are loads of things out there which might be required in a fishing kayak, but I’ve tried my best to compile a list of the most important kayak fishing accessories out there.

Safety Gear

Aside from a Kayak and good quality pedals, safety gear is what you’ll want to start with. The PFD you have should be perfectly comfortable, as well as you must also have a torch light, safety whistle, protection from the sun and a flag which will be visible over a long distance.

A knife might also give you that additional protection you need. Make sure to have something to eat and drink with you at all times as well, you don’t want to get hungry or dehydrated when you’re out there.

All of this will add on to the amount of safety that you should have out there, and try to wear your PFD at all times when you’re out.

Tackle Crate

Now with all the stuff you are taking with you, you didn’t really think there was nothing needed to tackle all of it, did you? A tackle crate is required in order to keep your ropes, and all your snacks and other fishing equipment.

This additional element will help you keep your stuff tucked in a corner, and will also help you save up a lot of space, if all your stuff is kept at a single space.

Many kayaks do have these crates at the corner of the kayak, but if yours doesn’t, get it installed into your kayak ASAP!


This is one of the most important things needed while kayak fishing, in my opinion. I’m sure you’d need to stay at one place at one point, and you don’t want your kayak to be moving about while you’re trying to fish.

Without an anchor, you can also risk losing a catch which, I know, is highly frustrating. It can also affect your safety, thus you should never ignore buying an anchor.

Look for a good quality one, one which can go well with the size of your kayak, and also help you have an amazing grip.


It’s a good measure to have all of it recorded. Though it’s not a necessity, you’ll still want to look back at one of your best catches, won’t you?

Don’t give up on the opportunity to be able to look back at some of your best moments; record them all so that you can get fun out of this activity, as much as it is possible.

Accessories That Help in Catching Fishes

Rod Holders

Well, who would want to balance a rod holder for the whole time, when you can just get a rod holder to do the job? Keep the rod in a place, steady, when you’re out fishing.

That way you can catch your fish, without missing any, and can always aim as steadily as is possible.

There are basically 2 main types of rod holders out there, flush mounted rod holder and the secure mounted rod holder, both having separate functions and separate ways in which they do the job. You can choose one which suits your needs better.

The Fish Grip

I’ve heard it happen so many times before, that while catching a fish with your hand, you totally underestimate how the fish can react, and you can get bitten by it if you aren’t careful enough.

In that case, these fish grips have proved to be a blessing. They keep the fish’s mouth closed, without damaging the fishing or hurting it, thus you can protect your hands from getting bitten while you’re catching a fish with your hands on while you’re tackling it.

The Fish Bait

This one is really well known, and obvious, and is used in all kinds of fishing, not just kayaks. If you go out on fishing without baits and are unable to catch any fishes, do not be surprised.

These things are very essential if you want to lure the fishes towards yourself and want to attract large numbers of them towards you. This way you can also be able to attract a certain kind of fishes, as every different fish species is attracted towards a different kind of bait.

Go with a variety, and you’ll never find yourself coming back without a fish.

Accessories for Comfort


If you don’t want your muscles to get sore, it’s always amazing to have some soft stuff to rest on while you’re out. Make your seat as comfortable as possible, and you should not keep that many of those cushions if you’re looking to save up space, just enough to make yourself feel comfortable for some hours until you’re out.

If you’re comfortable, you will be able to fish better and not tire out quickly. You don’t need to buy specific cushions, just throw in some from your own room.

Dry Clothes

You certainly won’t be feeling entirely comfortable if you are in wet clothes. Although it is always recommended to stay dry, you can get wet because of many reasons.

In that case, an emergency set of clothes can save you from the misery of staying in wet clothes, which can really make you feel uneasy.

Safety Gear

First Aid Kit

Now we’ve already talked about how going out off shore could make you exposed to loads of threats, small and big ones.

Preparing for your own safety can prove to be beneficial in times of need.

A first aid kit should always be with you, one which contains all the basic bandages and ointments, so that you can look after yourself if you get bitten, or if you scratch anything off accidentally.

Leaving it exposed for a long time can lead to serious infections, which you don’t want, so always be prepared beforehand.

PFDs or Life Jackets

Now this one thing is a necessity when it comes to kayak fishing accessories. You are supposed to be wearing a PFD at all times when you go out on the shore, and don’t think you won’t need it.

Within a kayak, at some point you definitely can find yourself in water. A Personal Floatation device can help you stay over the surface and keep you safe.

But it is also very important to determine the right size and type for you, in which you feel completely comfortable before choosing one.

Tow Ropes

This safety measure is just the same as having these ropes with you in your car. Just like your car, your Kayak can betray you at any moment as well, no matter in how good condition it is.

Or you can get tired to the point where you find yourself to be sore all over and you just can’t bring yourself to paddle your way anymore.

In this case, you should look around for other kayaks, which you probably will find, and use these tow ropes in the cases of emergency.

The working kayak will surely pull your kayak with it, and you’ll not be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Communication Devices

Never, ever do the mistake of going out onto the waters without having any device to contact someone with.

Emergency can arise unexpectedly from anywhere at all, and a phone or another contact device can be one of the best kayak fishing accessories you can add to your kayak.

This is also vital because on a Kayak, you would probably be off the shore on your own, in which case the importance of these devices doubles.

UV Buff Headgear

Now this is like a huge sock which you can wrap around your head, neck or face in several different ways. It doesn’t matter how you do that, the only important thing to know is that this piece of cloth will perfectly protect your skin against the heat on thoroughly sunny and hot days.

This is an essential if you live in a hot country and don’t want to get sunburned while you go out on fishing. However, this one can also prove to be perfect in the winters as well, in which this can keep your neck and face warm.

Some Tips For Choosing and Installing The Kayak Fishing Accessories

Now when it comes to choosing these kayak fishing accessories, there are only two things that really matter. One is your comfort, and the other is the quality.

Kayak Fishing For Beginners | Gear and Accessories

You should know that while you’re going out on a trip offshore, your Kayak should be loaded with all the accessories that can help you feel better and more comfortable, especially all the accessories related to security.

All the accessories that have to be worn make sure you buy the right size and material for yourself. Other things should be of high quality and entirely reliable while in the waters.

Don’t hesitate if you have to spend a little too much, because when it comes to safety and comfort, it’s important to stay ready and prepared.

About installing these accessories into your kayak, most of the things can be drilled into the kayak by themselves. But I prefer getting it done by a professional over doing it myself, as I can just mess anything up.

The Kayak Accessories Installation Video

So while installing the kayak fishing accessories or getting them installed, make sure they are the perfect size for your Kayak. Not too small, and just big enough to serve its purpose thoroughly.

Always examine the kayak for any other potential damage which can accidentally happen to your kayak while installing the accessories, which is important to stay alert from.


There are several other kayak fishing accessories out there which can be added to your kayak to take it to an advanced level, but these are about all the accessories you really need with you while you’re out into the waters.

Do not ignore these, and be sure to stay prepared for anything and everything. Safety and comfort are both things for which we should never be unprepared for, so that we can have a safe and happy time while fishing!

Andrew Lang

I inherited my passion for fishing from my late father. I often write about my experiences with trout fishing, inshore fishing and deep sea fishing.