KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line Review

KastKing Fluorocarbon ultra-light ultra-heavy fishing line has great qualities. Fluorocarbon has been a favorite of the professional bass fisher for decades and now Kast King Fluorocarbon ultra-light line offers high-performance attributes with an extra-light fishing line. This new fishing line combines the best of both fluorocarbons and polyester in an ultra-light fishing line that is ideal for the big one. Fluorocarbon is a high quality combination of pure elastomeric co-formula and 100% pure fluorocarbons, ensuring that it is virtually invisible under water. The improved invisibility will increase your average catch rate, particularly in bright, fresh water conditions.

KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

KastKast Fluorocarbon ultra-light line features improved breaking strength and knot strength in a supple and lightweight fluorocarbon. It is made with a braided line, which provides an increased abrasion resistance. A high-performance synthetic core combined with an improved breaking strength and knot strength produces an ultra-light fishing line with excellent abrasion resistance. The improved break strength in combination with the improved abrasion resistance produces a high-performance product that will easily surpass any other fluorocarbon in terms of both breaking strength and tangle resistance.

The fluorocarbon used in KastKing Fluorocarbon is specifically formulated to provide the maximum amount of visibility available. It has been specifically designed to withstand high-intensity sunlight and still maintain its light weight. This is important to anglers who fish where the sun is out and the fish are not in shade. The lightweight nature of the heavy cover line also provides more flexibility in how it can be manipulated for the best opportunity. When the fish are hungry and sightseeing, this allows the angler to bait up with light cover without having to use as much weight.

This ultra-light line has been purposely developed for the professional fisherman. Anglers have long known that fluorocarbon is an excellent way to increase sensitivity while also increasing visibility. This is because the human eye works best when seeing things that are close at hand. Fluorocarbons give off invisible light in response to an electric charge from an ionizing agent contained in them. Because it does not reflect or absorb the sun’s rays, this makes fluorocarbon a good fishing medium that is highly sensitive to sun.

There are many positive aspects of KastKast Fluorocarbon, including the fact that it is both strong and durable, which is vital for fishing lines. However, there are also many areas where this line could use some improvement. For example, the construction of the actual strands used in this product is quite poor. As a result, it is extremely susceptible to abrasion and does not hold up well to repeated washings. In addition, the construction of the actual weave of the strands is poor, which means that they will get frayed easily and lose their ability to transmit even light.

Another area where the kastking fluorokote fishing line receives a low score is in its construction of the spool. The construction of the spool is based on a low stretch core, which means that the line can be repeatedly pulled through the same area, but the cost comes down because of the low stretch core. Therefore, the line can be pulled repeatedly, but each pull is much weaker than it would be if the core were a higher strength material like nylon. This weakens the line, which results in it breaking at weaker angles and with shorter lengths. Because the line breaks at these weaker angles, it makes the knot weaker as well.

Finally, the construction of the material used to make the individual strands is another area where the product scores poorly. Spools using the KastKing FluoroKote fishing lines contain two distinct forms of plastic polyethylene. The first is a very low grade, low density polyethylene which is commonly referred to as MPPD. This is the same material that is often used to make cardboard boxes. The other form, which has low visual clarity and is stronger, is the high density polyethylene, or HDPE. This is the same material that is often found in safety glasses and bulletproof vests.

While the construction of the Fluorokote fishing lines is lacking, overall they score poorly in several areas. The lack of durability, break strength, and sensitive characteristics make them poor choices for fly fishermen who are looking for a lightweight fluorocarbon kite reel. However, for harsh, wet conditions and low visibility in deep water the Fluorocarbon kites can offer great performance. In the end though, the Fluorokote is still a great product with good value for money.

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