Humminbird Helix Vs. Solix Vs. Apex Fish Finders comparison

Humminbird Helix Vs. Solix Vs. Apex Fish Finders Review (Pros & Cons, Comparison)

Every fisher, from beginners to pros, wants to increase their chances of catching fish. That’s where electronic fish finders come in handy. They show you where the fish are! Among the best in the market are products by Humminbird. In this post, you’ll learn how the Helix, Solix, and Apex stack up against each other.

Let’s dive into a head-to-head comparison of the Helix, Solix, and Apex.

Humminbird Helix Vs. Solix Vs. Apex Fish Finders Comparison Table

Display Size5-12 inches10-15 inches13-16 inches
Display ResolutionUp to 1280 x 800 pixelsUp to 1920 x 1080 pixelsUp to 1920 x 1080 pixels
Sonar TechnologyStandard, MEGA Down ImagingMEGA Imaging+, Dual Spectrum CHIRPDual Spectrum CHIRP, MEGA Imaging+
Scanning DepthUp to 1,500 ft (MEGA DI: 125 ft)Up to 1,200 ft (MEGA DI: 200 ft)Up to 3,000 ft (MEGA DI: 200 ft)
GPS CapabilitiesYes, with BasemapAdvanced GPS with Basemap & AutoChartPremium GPS with AutoChart Live & Basemap
NetworkingEthernet (some models)Ethernet, NMEA 2000, BluetoothEthernet, NMEA 2000, Bluetooth, HDMI
Built-in MemoryYes, for waypoints and routesExtended memory + SD slotExtended memory + dual SD slot
TouchscreenSelect models onlyYesYes
Customizable ScreensLimitedYesYes with Cross Touch
Mounting OptionsGimbal or In-DashGimbal or In-DashGimbal or In-Dash
Price Range$$$$$$$$$

Note: The prices symbolized as “$” vary depending on specific models and configurations.

Humminbird Helix: A Close Examination

For anyone diving into the world of fish finders, Humminbird Helix is a name that pops up quite often. It’s a device that’s earned its spot in many boats. Today, I want to give you an in-depth look at why this fish finder is a favorite among many.

Main Features of the Helix

  • Screen Resolution: One of the standout features is its impressive screen resolution. Clear visuals are essential when you’re trying to interpret what’s beneath your boat. With the Helix, you get up to 1280 x 800 pixels, ensuring that the displayed data is easy to read.
  • Dual Spectrum CHIRP: This is a bit of tech magic! CHIRP stands for “Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse.” In simple words, it gives you super-clear sonar images. The Dual Spectrum CHIRP lets you see fish and underwater structures with great clarity.
  • Connectivity: Today’s tech is all about being connected. The Helix does not disappoint. Some models come with Ethernet connectivity, which is useful for various purposes, including software updates and more.

Why Anglers Love the Helix

  • MEGA Imaging: This is Humminbird’s answer to giving anglers an almost picture-perfect view beneath the water. The MEGA Imaging technology provides clearer and sharper underwater images.
  • Mapping Capabilities: Finding fish is one thing. Remembering where you found them is another. The Helix offers fantastic mapping capabilities. You can mark waypoints – spots where you found fish or any other point of interest.
  • User-friendly Interface: I’ve tried many fish finders, and the Helix’s interface is among the easiest. It’s simple, even if you’re new to this kind of tech.

Humminbird Helix is more than just a fish finder. It’s a powerful tool that combines high-end technology with user-friendliness. Whether you’re marking chart plotting points or reading sonar readings, the Helix is designed to make your fishing trip more productive and enjoyable.

Humminbird Solix: Comprehensive Insights

Jumping right into another favorite in the fishing community: the Humminbird Solix. When you’re out in the open waters, gear that’s advanced yet user-friendly can make all the difference. And that’s where the Solix shines.

Distinguishing Features of the Solix

  • Touch Interface: The first thing you’ll notice about the Solix is its touch interface. No more endless button pressing! It’s intuitive, making navigating its features smooth and straightforward.
  • MEGA Imaging+: Like the Helix, the Solix boasts MEGA Imaging+. But what’s the plus? It offers even more underwater clarity. This means seeing fish and structures is easier than ever.
  • AutoChart Live: Ever wanted to map the water as you fish? The Solix lets you do just that. AutoChart Live creates real-time maps, helping you find the best spots with ease.

Why the Solix is a Top Pick

  • Networking Capabilities: The Humminbird Solix is all about staying connected. Its networking capabilities allow you to share maps, sonar, and more with other devices.
  • Advanced Sonar: With Solix, you get the most advanced sonar features Humminbird offers. It’s designed for clarity and precision.
  • Multifunction Display: Your multifunction display isn’t just for fish finding. It offers everything from the boat’s speed to water temperature, all in one place.

The Solix brings high-end tech and ease of use together. The touch interface and mapping precision stand out, making your fishing trips more fruitful. For those looking for a fish finder that’s a mix of power and simplicity, the Solix fish finder should be on your radar.

Humminbird Apex: The Pinnacle of Precision

There’s always that one product in every range that represents the best, the top-tier. In the world of Humminbird fish finders, that honor goes to the Humminbird Apex. When you’re setting out for a day of fishing, the Apex promises not just to be a tool but an ally.

Apex’s Cutting-Edge Attributes

  • Cross Touch: Imagine the convenience of both a touch and a keypad interface. The Apex delivers with Cross Touch. This means whether you’ve got gloves on or find yourself in rough waters, you can still access its features with ease.
  • Ultra-Wide Mode: A wider view can often be the difference between spotting a school of fish and missing them. The Ultra-Wide Mode ensures you get the broadest view possible under the water.
  • Humminbird Basemap: No more second-guessing or getting lost. The Humminbird Basemap provides detailed charts, making navigation a breeze.

Why Anglers Speak Highly of the Apex

  • MEGA Live Imaging: We’ve all heard of live imaging, but the Apex takes it a notch higher with MEGA Live Imaging. This means you can see fish and structures in real-time with unmatched clarity.
  • Networking Solutions: The Humminbird Apex isn’t just a standalone device. Its advanced networking solutions let you connect and share data with other devices seamlessly.

The Apex fish finder represents the zenith in Humminbird’s offerings, designed for those who view fishing as an art. Whether you’re into premium angling or deep-sea exploration, the Apex ensures your time on the water is productive and enjoyable. It’s not just a fish finder; it’s a game-changer.

Triadic Face-Off: Helix Vs. Solix Vs. Apex

So, you’ve heard about the Helix, Solix, and Apex fish finders, and now you’re wondering which one is the right fit for you? I’m here to break down the good, the bad, and the fishy for each of these fantastic tools.

1. Humminbird Helix: The Versatile Buddy

  • Pros:
    • Offers a clear view underwater with its Dual Spectrum CHIRP.
    • Simple to use, especially for beginners.
    • More affordable than its counterparts.
  • Cons:
    • Might lack some of the advanced features found in Solix and Apex.
  • Best Scenarios for Use: Perfect for those just starting their fishing journey or recreational anglers not looking to break the bank.

2. Humminbird Solix: The Tech-Savvy Genius

  • Pros:
    • Comes with MEGA Imaging+ for an ultra-clear view.
    • Features both touch and button interfaces.
    • Excellent networking capabilities.
  • Cons:
    • Might take some time for beginners to get the hang of.
    • Slightly pricier.
  • Best Scenarios for Use: Great for seasoned fishermen and those comfortable with tech, wanting a blend of features and clarity.

3. Humminbird Apex: Top of the Line

  • Pros:
    • Offers the best of both worlds with Cross Touch.
    • Ultra-Wide Mode ensures the most extensive view.
    • Comes with MEGA Live Imaging for real-time clarity.
  • Cons:
    • The most expensive of the trio.
    • Might be overkill for casual anglers.
  • Best Scenarios for Use: Ideal for professionals and those who view fishing as more than just a hobby. It’s for the anglers who want the absolute best.

Feature/ModelHumminbird HelixHumminbird SolixHumminbird Apex
Pros– Clear view with Dual Spectrum CHIRP.
– Simple for beginners.
– More affordable.
– MEGA Imaging+ for clarity.
– Touch and button interface.
– Excellent networking.
– Best with Cross Touch.
– Ultra-Wide Mode for views.
– MEGA Live Imaging.
Cons– Fewer advanced features.– Might be complex for beginners.
– Pricier than Helix.
– Most expensive.
– Could be overkill for casuals.
Best UseRecreational anglers & beginners.Seasoned & tech-savvy fishermen.Professional anglers & enthusiasts.


Choosing a fish finder is like picking the perfect fishing buddy. The Helix is dependable and straightforward, the Solix is tech-savvy and versatile, and the Apex? Well, it’s in a league of its own.

Assess what you need, your budget, and your fishing goals. Whether you’re into recreational fishing or eyeing professional angling, one of these is bound to be your perfect catch. So, which fish finder has caught your eye?


1. Why are Humminbird fish finders considered among the best in the industry?
Humminbird fish finders are known for their innovative technology, clear imaging, and durability. They combine top-notch sonar technology with easy-to-use interfaces, making them a favorite among both professional and recreational anglers.

2. How do the features of Helix differ from Solix and Apex?
Helix is designed for simplicity and clarity, ideal for beginners. Solix boasts advanced features like MEGA Imaging+ and a touch interface, while Apex offers premium attributes like Cross Touch and MEGA Live Imaging, targeting the professional market.

3. Which Humminbird fish finder is most suitable for professional anglers?
The Humminbird Apex is tailored for professionals, offering advanced features, high-resolution imaging, and customizable options.

4. How does the Dual Spectrum CHIRP in Helix improve fish detection?
The Dual Spectrum CHIRP offers two search modes: wide mode for maximum coverage and narrow mode for detailed imaging, enhancing fish detection and separation.

5. What makes Humminbird Helix user-friendly for beginners?
Helix offers an intuitive interface, clear imaging without overwhelming features, and straightforward settings which make it easy for newcomers to grasp.

6. Can the Helix series be integrated with other boat systems?
Yes, Helix has networking capabilities that allow it to be integrated with other boat systems for a seamless angling experience.

7. How does MEGA Imaging+ in Solix enhance underwater clarity?
MEGA Imaging+ captures clearer images with unparalleled sharpness, revealing fish, structure, and the bottom with incredible detail.

8. Is the Solix series suitable for deep-sea fishing expeditions?
Absolutely. With its advanced imaging capabilities and depth range, Solix is a perfect companion for deep-sea adventures.

9. How does the touch interface in Solix enhance user experience?
The touch interface in Solix allows for faster menu navigation, pinching to zoom, and a more interactive and fluid experience overall.

10. How does the Cross Touch in Apex enhance customization options?
Cross Touch lets users customize their screen layouts, data overlays, and other settings using both touch and keypad controls, ensuring a tailored experience.

11. What sets the Humminbird Apex apart from other fish finders in the market?
Apex combines the best of Humminbird’s technologies, offering ultra-clear imaging, live views, and extensive customization, placing it at the industry’s forefront.

12. How does MEGA Live Imaging in Apex redefine real-time underwater viewing?
MEGA Live Imaging captures live, real-time views of fish movements and their reactions to lures, giving anglers an unmatched advantage.

13. Which of the three models offers the best value for its price?
While each model caters to different needs, many consider the Helix to provide the best balance between features and cost, especially for those new to fish finders.

14. For deep-sea fishing, which Humminbird model is most recommended?
The Solix series, with its advanced sonar capabilities and depth range, is highly recommended for deep-sea fishing.

15. How do the user interfaces of Helix, Solix, and Apex differ?
Helix has a beginner-friendly interface, Solix offers both touch and button controls for a versatile experience, and Apex integrates the advanced Cross Touch interface for a mix of touch and keypad controls.

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