comparison of Allen + Roth Vs. LEVOLOR Cellular Shades

Allen + Roth Vs. LEVOLOR Cellular Shades: Key Feature Differences, Pros & Cons

When we talk about Allen + Roth and LEVOLOR Cellular Shades, there are key differences to consider. Both brands offer stylish and functional window coverings, but there are unique features to each. Here’s a breakdown of what sets each brand apart.

Key Takeaways:

  • Allen + Roth Cellular Shades are great for simplicity and efficiency.
  • LEVOLOR Cellular Shades offer more customization and tech-friendly options.
  • Both brands offer energy-efficient options to help regulate indoor temperatures.
  • Choosing between the two will depend on your personal preferences and needs.

Quick Comparison

FeatureAllen + RothLEVOLOR
Starting Price$43.99$73.80
Energy EfficiencyYes (Polyester fabric insulation)Yes (Honeycomb fabric, Energy Shield™ liner)
Cordless DesignYesMultiple options including cordless
Light ControlSemi-opaque light filteringMultiple options
Mounting OptionsInside or OutsideInside, Outside, and Specialty shapes
Smart Home IntegrationNoYes (with InMotion™)
FabricNon-woven polyesterHoneycomb, Double cell, Premium wovens
Shade Dimensions (Common)72 inches length, 27 inches widthCustomizable
Brand History50-year history100-year history

Allen + Roth Vs. LEVOLOR Cellular ShadesKey Feature Differences

picture of Allen + Roth Cellular Shades
Allen + Roth Cellular Shades

Allen + Roth Cellular Shades

Allen + Roth Cellular Shades are designed to add beauty and privacy to your home while allowing natural light. Here’s a deeper look at what they offer:

  1. Made of energy-efficient polyester fabric. This fabric keeps your home warm by blocking drafts and providing insulation throughout the year.
  2. A safe choice for families. The cordless design means no dangerous cords, making it great for homes with little ones and furry friends.
  3. Clean, modern look. The top mounting brackets give these shades a polished finish.
  4. Designed for the indoors. These shades are perfect for indoor use.
  5. Easy to maintain. You can keep them looking fresh with a feather duster or a simple vacuum.
  6. They have a single cell layer. This means there’s one layer of fabric, making them lighter.
  7. Environmentally friendly. Cellular blinds from Allen + Roth help reduce heat loss by up to 10% compared to PVC blinds.

From personal experience, Allen + Roth Cellular Shades are excellent for homeowners who want simplicity combined with efficiency. They offer a streamlined look and feel while ensuring your home stays comfortable.

picture of LEVOLOR Cellular Shades
LEVOLOR Cellular Shades

LEVOLOR Cellular Shades

LEVOLOR Cellular Shades, often referred to as Honeycomb Blinds, are a blend of innovation and tradition. Here are their standout features:

  1. Diverse light control options: From semi-transparent to blackout, LEVOLOR has you covered.
  2. Smart home integration: With the available motorization and InMotion™, you can schedule or remotely control your shades.
  3. Enhanced insulation: The honeycomb fabric traps air, and the double cell fabric offers extra insulation.
  4. Choices: Whether it’s fabric type, shade operation, or mounting options, LEVOLOR offers a vast range of customization.
  5. A long history of quality. LEVOLOR’s 100-year legacy speaks volumes about their commitment to quality and innovation.

Having used both brands, I’ve noticed that LEVOLOR Cellular Shades are perfect for tech-savvy homeowners. The smart features, combined with customization options, make them a go-to for modern homes.

My Advice:

If you’re deciding between the two, consider your priorities:

  • For a simple, efficient solution: Go with Allen + Roth. Their shades are straightforward and effective.
  • For customization and smart features: Choose LEVOLOR. Their offerings are versatile and up-to-date with modern tech trends.

Pros of Allen + Roth

  1. Energy Efficient: Allen + Roth shades use polyester fabric. This helps block drafts and keeps homes warm.
  2. Safety First: They have a cordless design. It’s safe for kids and pets.
  3. Easy to Clean: Just use a feather duster or vacuum. No fuss.
  4. Elegant Look: The top mounting brackets give a clean finish.
  5. Eco-friendly: These blinds help reduce heat loss by up to 10%. Better for the planet.
  6. Simple Design: Perfect for those who love a minimalistic look.

Cons of Allen + Roth

  1. Limited Customization: Fewer options compared to some other brands.
  2. Indoor Only: These shades are not made for outdoor use.
  3. Single Cell Layer: Only one layer of fabric. Might not block all light.

Pros of LEVOLOR Cellular Shades

  1. Diverse Options: LEVOLOR offers many light control choices.
  2. Smart Home Ready: With InMotion™, you can control shades remotely.
  3. Superior Insulation: Uses honeycomb fabric to trap air. Great for all seasons.
  4. Customizable: From fabric to shade operation, you decide.
  5. Trusted Brand: LEVOLOR has been around for 100 years. They know their stuff.

Cons of LEVOLOR Cellular Shades

  1. Higher Price Point: Starting at $73.80, they might be pricey for some.
  2. Too Many Choices: With so many options, it can be overwhelming.

Should You Choose Allen + Roth or LEVOLOR Cellular Shades?

If you want simple and efficient shades, Allen + Roth is a good pick. They’re straightforward and effective. Great for any room.

But if you love tech and want more choices, go with LEVOLOR. Their shades are modern and versatile. Perfect for a smart home.

In the end, think about your needs. What do you want from your shades? Once you know, the choice becomes easy. Both brands are great. It’s all about finding the right fit for you.

Alternative Cellular Shades Brand

If you’re looking for something different from Allen + Roth and LEVOLOR shades, there are other options. One good alternative is Home Decorators Collection. They offer a range of stylish blinds and shades. They are good in quality and price.

FAQs About Allen + Roth and LEVOLOR Cellular Shades

Are Allen and Roth cellular shades any good?

Yes, they are good. They offer energy efficiency and a clean look. Plus, they’re safe for kids and pets.

How do Allen and Roth and LEVOLOR shades compare in reviews?

Most reviews say both brands are great. Some prefer Allen + Roth for simplicity. Others like LEVOLOR for more options.

What’s the price difference between Allen and Roth and LEVOLOR shades?

LEVOLOR can be a bit pricier, starting at $73.80. Allen + Roth prices vary, but they’re often seen as more budget-friendly.

I saw Allen and Roth cellular shades on Reddit. Are they popular there?

Yes, many people on Reddit talk about them. They share their experiences and photos.

Which is better on Reddit: LEVOLOR or Allen + Roth?

Both brands have fans on Reddit. It depends on personal preference.

Can I cut Allen and Roth cellular shades to fit my window?

Yes, you can cut them. But always follow the instructions to get it right.

What’s the difference between honeycomb and cellular shades?

They are the same thing. Just two different names.

How do Home Decorators blinds compare to Allen + Roth?

Home Decorators offers a wide range. They’re good in quality, but design and price might differ.

Is LEVOLOR a trusted brand for shades?

Yes, they have been making shades for 100 years. They are trusted and well-known.

Can I trim the motorized shades from Allen and Roth?

It’s best not to. Trimming might damage the motor.

Should I get single or double cellular shades?

Double shades offer more insulation. But single shades let in more light. Think about what you need.

Who makes Allen + Roth shades?

Allen + Roth is a brand from Lowe’s. They make many home products.

What are the good things about cellular shades?

They look nice, save energy, and offer privacy.

What are the bad things about cellular shades?

They might not block all light. And some people find them hard to clean.

Are two layers of cellular shades better?

Yes, double layers offer more insulation. They keep homes warmer or cooler.

How do Allen + Roth and Bali shades compare?

Both are good brands. Bali offers more customization. Allen + Roth is simpler.

Are cellular shades old-fashioned?

No, they’re still popular. They have a modern look and work well.

Which shades are best for blocking heat?

Double cellular shades are best. They trap more air and block heat.

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